The Friday Funny: Google Is Skynet

One of the most useful features of Google Search is Google Instant, a feature in which the search engine tries to anticipate what your search query is while you’re typing it. According to the official Google Instant website, Google has determined that people using the feature can save “2-3 seconds per search” and estimates that if all Google users used Google Instant to speed up their searches, it would “save more than 3.5 billion seconds a day.” It’s an impressive technology, but can generate humorous results like this:

Google is Skynet

If Google is Skynet, wouldn’t  ‘Sarah Connor’ be the top search phrase?

Since Google Instant is simply holding up a mirror to what the billions of people using Google are searching for, I guess that means that “Google is evil” really ranks as the top search phrase? You can test it yourself by using “Google is” as a search phrase (add a space after “is” without hitting your enter key or the search icon).

Have any humorous Google Instant search findings of your own? Drop me an email with your thoughts.