Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service Gets New ChatGPT Integration in Preview

Cloud Computing

Microsoft has just announced a new ChatGPT integration coming to its Azure OpenAI Service. This release enables developers to add custom AI-powered capabilities to build their next-generation applications.

Microsoft partnered with OpenAI to launch the Azure OpenAI Service in private preview in November 2021. It’s a cloud-based solution that allows developers to access OpenAI’s powerful language models (GPT-3 and Codex) and create data-driven applications. Azure OpenAI Service helps with natural language processing tasks, including semantic search, code generation, and content summarization.

Microsoft highlights that the new ChatGPT integration will help developers to create intelligent solutions for businesses. Some common scenarios include improving existing chatbots, automated claims processing, and recapping call center conversations. Microsoft says businesses can also create new ad copies with personalized offers for customers.

“Customers and partners can also create new intelligent apps and solutions to stand out from the competition using a no-code approach in Azure OpenAI Studio. Azure OpenAI Studio, in addition to offering customizability for every model offered through the service, also offers a unique interface to customize ChatGPT and configure response behavior that aligns with your organization,” said Eric Boyd, Corporate Vice President for AI Platform.

How much does it cost to use ChatGPT in Azure OpenAI Service?

Microsoft notes that the new ChatGPT integration is currently available in preview in Azure OpenAI Service. The feature is priced at $0.002/1k tokens and provides improved security, compliance, and lower latency for enterprise customers. The company plans to begin billing for ChatGPT usage on March 13th, and you can find more details on the Azure OpenAI Service support page.