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Set it and Forget it is the Worst Practice in Azure

I’ll admit that I may have done a not-so-best-practice type of thing, I have not gone into the Azure Portal in quite a long time (around 2 months). Now everyone’s usage of Azure is different and for me, I spend most of my time in the Azure Storage world, with many applications interacting with those…

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All Things Azure, Office 365 and more at VeeamON 2021

One of the good things about virtual events like VeeamOn is that you can attend specifically what you want to learn. I personally can’t wait to get back into the regular events circuit. I’ve put in a few call for presentations for in-person events and I see a number of events planning for the fall,…

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How to Search Azure Services by Region

I do most of my Azure work in both North Central US and Central US. However, I had a recent project where I needed to deploy some Azure storage in the new South Africa North region. Random, I love how the names get names by their dates of entry and there is a funny story…

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How To Select the Correct Azure Storage Service for Your Operation

Selecting an Azure Storage Service doesn’t have to be difficult, yet you can take some steps to make sure you make good decisions. In this blog post, Microsoft MVP Rick Vanover provides some of his perspectives and tips to allow you to make the right choices upfront.

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How to be the first to Know About Azure Storage Explorer Updates

The Azure Storage Explorer is one of my most regularly-used Azure tools aside from the Azure Portal itself. If you are not using it, I’ll give you some pointers in this post on where to install it but also how to be the very first to know if an update is available.

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Determining Azure Blob Storage Access Tiers with Ease

One of the things that is rather powerful about Azure Storage is that there are a number of different offerings. Azure Blob Storage has three tiers that should be very familiar Hot, Cool, and Archive.

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