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What is Microsoft System Center?

Last Update: Apr 14, 2022

Learning Microsoft System Center can be a bewildering experience. Discover the origins of System Center in this first post by new Petri writer Damian Flynn.

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Creating Service Manager Portal Offerings

Need some help with service delivery? Learn how to create custom Service Manager portal offerings and scope these to specific user groups in this post.

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What Are Virtual Machine Manager Service Templates?

Want to understand how a cloud can help scale applications at will? Check out this intro to learn how Virtual Machine Manager service templates for more!

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What Is System Center Advisor?

Check out Microsoft’s free online service System Center Advisor. Get to know how it works and about its architecture and integration with Operations Manager.

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What Are Service Manager Configuration Items?

In this quick overview learn what configuration items can do for you, as well as how to create a configuration item in Service Manager.

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Documenting System Center 2012 – Orchestrator Workflows

Learn to document your System Center 2012 – Orchestrator flows using the free Orchestrator Visio and Word Generator tool. Find out how in this post!

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How to Connect Service Manager 2012 to Operations Manager 2012

In this post, discover the steps to establish the configuration item synchronization between Operations Manager and Service Manager to extend the CMDB.

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Get Reviewer Details from System Center Service Manager

The inbox Service Manager activities in Orchestrator are limited. Learn to leverage PowerShell to create an activity that will enhance your inbox offerings.

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System Center Service Manager PowerShell Module and SMLets Module

Did you know System Center Service Manager had two PowerShell modules? Learn more about the differences between the modules and what they can do for you!

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How to Connect Service Manager 2012 to Configuration Manager 2012

Service Manager has the ability to import data from both Configuration Manager 2007 and 2012. Learn to establish this connection in this easy how-to!

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