Microsoft 365 Universal Print Gets QR Code Scanning Support on Android and iOS

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Microsoft has released a new update that brings enhancements to its Universal Print service. The company announced that the secure release feature now supports QR codes on Android and iOS devices.

Universal Print is a cloud-based service that allows IT admins to centralize print management within their organization. They can control which employees have access to specific printers, view printer properties, as well as manage default settings. The service eliminates the need for on-premises print servers and printer management in cloud or hybrid environments.

The secure release feature requires employees to go to the printer and verify their identity with attestation methods (such as a PIN). They can use the Microsoft 365 app to scan a QR code attached to the printer and release a print job on Android or iOS devices.

“Unlike other secure release solutions like badge release, which require high-end printers and badge readers, QR code release works as long as your end-users have the Microsoft 365 app on their mobile devices and are authenticated to Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD),” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft highlighted that secure release should reduce toner and printer waste from unnecessary printing. Moreover, the feature offers a couple of security and privacy benefits for enterprise customers. It prevents unauthorized people from accessing potentially sensitive data exposed in a print pile.

How to enable Universal Print secure release with QR code

To enable secure release with QR code support, IT admins will need to configure the release type for the printer in the Universal Print management portal. It generates a QR code that can be attached to the physical printer.

Universal Print Gets QR Code Scanning Support on Android and iOS

Microsoft has detailed a couple of requirements to use secure release with QR codes on mobile devices. The Microsoft 365 mobile app should be running version 2.76 or later for iOS and version 16.0.16501 or later for Android. It also requires users to be assigned a Universal Print license.

Microsoft increased the print allocation limit for Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 subscribers back in May this year. The company is reminding customers that they have a print allocation of “100 print jobs per user per month, pooled for the tenant.” If you haven’t done it yet, you can learn more about how to get started with Universal Print on this support page.