New Train Signal Training Contest – 500 Words for $5000 in training

I was recently informed by my friends over at Train that they are sponsoring a very cool contest that I wanted to let you all know about.

Here is how it works – you write a 500 word essay (max 1000 words), covering the following:

  • Why did you (or why would you) want to get into the IT field?
  • What is the best and most difficult part of being in (or breaking into) the IT field?
  • What are the most important goals you have set for yourself as an IT professional (or an aspiring IT professional) and how do you plan to achieve them?

For the grand prize, Train Signal will give you $5000 worth of training video courses (that’s 37 videos) and offer you a chance to write for the Train Signal website.

Second place finishers will receive a complete Windows video training pack and third place finishers will receive a Cisco video training package.
So what are you waiting for? All it takes is about 1 page of text (500 words) for a chance to win $5000 in video training! Enter today & tell your friends!
To learn more and to enter the contest, visit: Train Signal Training 500 Words for $5000 in training contest.