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The Ultimate Guide to Installing OpenSSH on Windows

As a seasoned, or even new IT Pro, you’re likely an avid user of Putty, using secure shell (SSH) to connect to Unix/Linux servers, computers, and even Windows machines for an efficient and secure remote command-line experience. Well, did you know Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows Server 2019 (and Windows Server 2022) include an...

Last Update: Jun 20, 2022


How to Configure PowerShell SSH Remoting in Windows 10

Microsoft introduced Secure Shell (SSH) as a transport for PowerShell Remoting in PowerShell 6. Older versions of PowerShell (Windows PowerShell) are restricted to HTTP/HTTPS and Windows Remote Management (WinRM). WinRM/HTTP is fine for Active Directory (AD) environments. Authentication and communications are secured. WinRM/HTTPS is for accessing workgroup computers, i.e. computers not joined to an AD…

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OpenSSH Comes Out of Beta in Windows April 2018 Update

In this Ask the Admin, I’ll show you how to get started with the OpenSSH client in the Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

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