SharePoint Podcast Episode #332: Dance Like the Microwave Isn’t Watching

Podcast 332 Dance Like the Microwave Isnt Watching Time 0 15 5014

I am disappointed that with such a great title, we do not actually have a picture of a microwave to replace Todd’s ugly face. Insert sad face.



We start out with a solid discussion of the March Patches being available. Then, we get off on a tangent that I got a new PC. It is a top-of-the-line Ryzen with 32GB of RAM. It has a bunch of technologies that we aren’t sure we even understand. If you are a hardware junky, it is pretty cool. We finally right the ship, talking about Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) with SharePoint 2016. We also cover the new Office 365 feature that allows for automatic group creation based on direct reports. This is kind of a cool, yet scary feature. The show finishes up with some Active Directory chat and an Outlook sign-in assistant. We actually do not end off topic. Crazy.

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