SharePoint Podcast Episode #320: The Ransomware Christmas Special

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The Ransomware Christmas Special

This week we take it easy and pretty much talk about nothing but random stuff for an HOUR. A wise person might point out that we should get a life. Sadly, Santa Claus didn’t bring either one of us one of those, so the show must go on. The most interesting revelation might be that the people who hold your computer hostage with ransomware were running holiday discounts. Even the bad guys are festive.



If you are looking purely for SharePoint and other deep technical content, then this week’s episode might not be for you — check back next week. Instead, we discuss random stuff such as football and Christmas movies, but then we do discuss 2016 technology topics. It is a fun show and if you enjoy shenanigans, then sit back and enjoy.

Topics include:

  • Breaking NFL updates
  • The debate of is Die Hard a Christmas movie or not? (Spoiler: It is)
  • Hanging out at the mall as punk teenagers and all of the fights
  • The loss of the headphone jack
  • FBI vs. Apple
  • Exploding phones
  • Hacking
  • Cars that drive themselves

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