Azure Active Directory Flavors

Sjoukje Zaal gives an overview of the different flavors of Azure Active Directory.

Aug 10, 2017|Sjoukje Zaal

Office 365

Azure Active Directory is a Core Part of the Office 365 “Experience”

Recent developments show that a fully-populated Azure Active Directory is considered by Microsoft to be a core part of the overall Office 365 "experience." Yet many tenants have partly-populated directories. Is that a problem? Or might it be a future problem?

Jul 7, 2017|Tony Redmond

Active Directory

Set Up Azure Active Directory Connect Pass-Through Authentication

In this Ask the Admin, Russell Smith shows you how to set up Azure Active Directory Connect pass-through authentication.

Jun 19, 2017|Russell Smith

Office 365

New Azure Active Directory Admin Experience Is Generally Available

Microsoft finally launched an updated interface for managing Azure Active Directory in the Azure Portal, which makes it available for administrators of all Microsoft enterprise cloud services.

May 24, 2017|Aidan Finn


Azure Active Directory Connect Makes Cloud Single Sign-On Easy

Russell Smith outlines two new features of Azure Active Directory Connect, Seamless Single Sign-On and Pass-Through Authentication.

May 23, 2017|Russell Smith


Introduction to Azure Active Directory Auditing

Find out what auditing features are available in Azure Active Directory.

May 16, 2017|Russell Smith

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Adds New Features to Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory B2B is now generally available and the company is expanding options available to European users too.

Apr 12, 2017|Brad Sams


Version 2 of the Azure Active Directory PowerShell Module is Generally Available – But be Careful

Managing Azure Active Directory using PowerShell is a pretty common technique for Office 365 administrators to master. Many scripts to automate administrative processes have been written to leverage the -Msol* cmdlets included in version one of the Azure Active Directory PowerShell module. Version 2 of the module is now generally available, which is good, but be careful because scripts need to be updated before you can use the new module.

Dec 6, 2016|Tony Redmond

Active Directory

Getting Started with Azure Active Directory Domain Services

Russell Smith shows you how to configure Azure Active Directory (AAD) Domain Services and connect it to your AAD tenant.

Nov 11, 2016|Russell Smith

Microsoft Azure

What is Azure Active Directory Enterprise State Roaming?

Russell Smith walks us through Microsoft Azure's new Enterprise State Roaming (ESR) feature, which was made available as a preview in early February for customers with an Azure Active Directory Premium subscription.

May 17, 2016|Russell Smith

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