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OBJ::SID and vice versa

OBJ::SID and vice versa


OBJ::SID and vice versa is a program written in C++ and used to translate SID/OBJ conversions. The program is able to detect object or SID that can be queried by the Global Catalog or the local SAM within the process machine. Querying OBJ/SID is within the scope of the user privileges.

Requirements: This tool requires Windows 2000/XP/2003.

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Current version: 1.0


Download objsid.zip (90kb)

You need to extract the tool/script found in the downloaded file by using WinZip or similar.


To work with the program you need manipulate the radio buttons according to your wish of conversion.

The first radio button is used to translate OBJ in a form of a NetBIOS name (ex: MYDOMAIN’USERNAME or just USERNAME) to a text SID, and the second is used to resolve a SID to OBJ.

"Get SID info" is a feature available while checking a SID, it allows to get information about how the system refers to that SID.


No support of any sort will be given for this script/tool or for any other script/tool found on the Petri.co.il website for that matter. If you need to contact us with any support issues, feedback or suggestions regarding the tool(s) and script(s) found on this page please write an e-mail to THIS address.


The software available from Zeffy is FREEWARE. It is not in the Public Domain. Zeffy retains the copyright for this work. You can use it freely but do not claim it for your own or charge others money for it.

Use these tools at your own risk. They are provided for your own personal use and enjoyment and Zeffy nor Daniel Petri nor Petri.co.il do not provide any warranty for them, nor they will be held responsible for any result allegedly caused by use or misuse of any of the tools found on this page.

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