Microsoft’s Update Compliance Service Will Soon Require Azure AD

Windows 11

Microsoft has announced some important changes regarding its Update Compliance service. The company says that Update Compliance will require the use of the cloud-based Azure AD service starting October 15, 2022.

For those unfamiliar, Update Compliance is a Windows Analytics service hosted in Microsoft Azure. It enables IT Admins to monitor the deployment status of the feature, security, and quality updates for Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs. It helps organizations to keep their devices up to date, secure, troubleshoot issues, and monitor bandwidth usage.

Going forward, all organizations that want to keep using the Update Compliance service will need to move to Azure Active Directory (direct or hybrid). Furthermore, all enrolled Windows 10 or 11 devices should meet the Windows diagnostic data processor configuration requirements. This capability allows organizations to manage data collection permissions. These changes will go into effect on October 15 this year.

“To use the Windows diagnostic data processor configuration, targeted devices must be Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) joined or hybrid Azure AD joined. As a result, beginning October 15, 2022, devices that are neither joined nor hybrid joined to Azure AD will no longer appear in Update Compliance. All Windows diagnostic data processor prerequisites must be met to continue using the service after that date,” the company explained.

Microsoft's Update Compliance Service Will Soon Require Azure AD

Microsoft to retire CommercialID support in Update Compliance

Microsoft is also planning to replace CommercialID with Azure AD tenant ID in its Update Compliance service in early 2023. The Log Analytics service uses the unique CommercialID to identify each device within an organization.

In addition to the Azure AD requirement for Update Compliance, Microsoft advises IT Admins to ensure proper configuration of their CommercialID before October 15th. These steps are mandatory for organizations to continue using the Update Compliance service.

Last but not least, Microsoft has also announced some changes for all customers currently using the Workplace Join capability. The company says that these Windows devices would no longer meet the new requirements for its Update Compliance service in mid-October.