Microsoft’s Remote Help Solution Gets Support for macOS

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Key takeaways:

  • Microsoft Intune’s September update brings several new features, including Remote Help support for macOS devices.
  • The update includes improvements to Intune’s settings catalog, offering IT admins more control and customization options for iOS/iPadOS and macOS devices.
  • The integration of Zebra LifeGuard OTA enhances security for Android devices, and Endpoint Privilege Management support for Windows 365 devices provides a security measure by granting specific administrative privileges to approved applications.

Microsoft has announced its September service release (2309) for Microsoft Intune with a focus on convenience and security. The major highlight of this release is the expansion of the Remote Help service to macOS, simplifying IT troubleshooting for remote Mac devices.

Remote Help is a new cloud-based service that enables IT admins to remotely troubleshoot issues on employees’ Mac devices. Microsoft has also introduced a new feature that allows administrators to remotely launch Remote Help for Windows directly from the Microsoft Intune admin center.

“Previously, both the helpdesk and the user had to launch Remote Help on their devices manually. With the new capability, the user receives a notification on their device that the helpdesk agent wants to begin a Remote Help session making it a more streamlined experience,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft has announced some updates to enhance the Intune experience on Apple devices. Specifically, the company has updated the settings catalog and simplified settings updates for both end users and IT administrators. The latest release brings over 30 new settings to help IT admins prepare for the iOS/iPadOS 17 and macOS 14.

Microsoft Intune integration with Zebra LifeGuard OTA

The Zebra LifeGuard Over-the-Air (LG OTA) integration with Microsoft Intune is now generally available to improve the existing experience for frontline workers. The new capability allows IT admins to manage updates without requiring physical access to Zebra Android devices. It should help to prevent compatibility issues and minimize security risks.

Last but not least, Microsoft Intune Endpoint Privilege Management support is now available for Windows 365 Cloud PCs. The security feature enables IT Pros to allow select applications to run with administrative privileges. This approach makes it easier to elevate approved apps without providing full administrative privileges.