Streamline Application Deployment with Microsoft Intune Enterprise App Management

Packaging and rolling out third-party applications to Windows endpoints has traditionally been a daunting task. It often involves a significant amount of testing and trial and error, and it can become a major time sink for IT Professionals. Recognizing this challenge, Microsoft announced a solution at its Ignite conference – a service set to make the way businesses deploy software easier in the form of Intune Enterprise App Management, which is part of the Microsoft Intune Suite.

What is Intune Enterprise App Management?

Microsoft’s new service offers a catalog of pre-packaged third-party applications that are prepared for deployment. Applications, which previously required a lot of effort to deploy, such as Dropbox, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and other non-Microsoft software, can now be rolled out effortlessly to devices managed by Intune. The service allows IT department to streamline their workflows and free up valuable time for other important tasks.

Manage apps through their full lifecycle using Enterprise App Management

The benefits of Intune’s Enterprise Application Management extend beyond initial deployment. It also addresses one of the biggest challenges of software management: keeping applications up to date. Every time an app is updated or receives a bug fix, it means another round of testing and packaging by the IT department. With Intune Enterprise Application Management, this burden is shifted to Microsoft. Microsoft takes responsibility for ensuring that once an application is deployed, it remains current with the latest updates and security patches.

Microsoft Intune Enterprise App Management app catalog
Microsoft Intune Enterprise App Management app catalog (Image Credit: Microsoft)

The Intune admin center provides a portal for managing the entire lifecycle of application deployment. From initial rollout to ongoing updates, IT administrators can oversee the process from a single, intuitive interface, ensuring seamless operation and optimal security.

Optimize your software deployment strategies using Intune Enterprise Management

As Microsoft continues to expand its catalog of supported third-party applications, this service could become an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to optimize their software deployment strategies. It alleviates the complexities associated with application management and improves efficiency, but it also empowers IT to focus on core operations, driving productivity and innovation instead of spending time on deploying and updating applications.

Intune Enterprise Application Management simplifies the deployment and maintenance of third-party applications in an automated and centralized solution. Microsoft is setting a new standard its software management solutions, enabling businesses to navigate the digital landscape more effectively than ever before.