Microsoft’s Cloud App Security Service Hits General Availability

Microsoft Hero 2

In September 2015, Microsoft acquired the cloud security firm Adallom, today the company is announcing how it will use this newly acquired IP. The acquisition is being used to boost Microsoft’s capabilities in securing content that is stored in its cloud and provide greater assurance to its customers that their data is safe.

Being called Microsoft Cloud App Security, the product is a cloud-based service designed for IT and security teams to gain greater control of their content that runs in the cloud.  The service, which is now generally available, is described by Microsoft as “a set of capabilities to help companies design and enforce a process for securing cloud usage; from discovery and investigation capabilities, to granular control and protection.”

The service can monitor a wide variety of applications from vendors, such as Salesforce, Google, Dropbox and of course, Microsoft; the product now integrates with Office 365. Seeing how many organizations are moving to cloud-based services, this new security component offering from Microsoft will make sure that they have SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and now security as a service all available for their customers.

Seeing as this is a service, Microsoft will be charging $5 a month per user (retail pricing), and you can check out a list of all the supported apps, here.