Microsoft’s Adding New Features To OneDrive For Business


Microsoft’s OneDrive storage platform has become a critical component for the company’s Office 365 service and today the company is announcing several new features coming to OneDrive that will enhance collaboration and management of content. Specifically, these new features will make it easier to sync, share, and collaborate with the content that you are storing in OneDrive.

If you use SharePoint Online team sites and OneDrive, Microsoft is enabling the ability to sync content between the two services. This sync includes files inside of Teams, OneDrive, folders that are shared, and this service works across both PC and Mac. This feature is a huge improvement for companies that use both services as it finally bridges the gap between these two online repositories of content.

When it comes to syncing files, Microsoft is adding a new ‘Activity Center’ that will provide visibility into the process. This feature is coming to both PC and Mac; in addition, there is a new stand-alone Mac OneDrive client that works outside of the app store.

To help IT admins manage their content, sync, and sharing capabilities, Microsoft is releasing an updated OneDrive admin center. This updated control center has several improvements including a new dashboard for more granular control for sharing, syncing, and storage.

As Office 365 continues to expand, so will the usage of OneDrive for Business and these new features will enhance compatibility with older services like SharePoint. You can read more about the updates to the platform, here.