Windows 365 Frontline is Now Generally Available for Hybrid Workforces

Windows 365

Microsoft announced yesterday the general availability of its Windows 365 Frontline service. The new offering launched in public preview in April, allowing organizations to offer Cloud PCs to frontline, shift, and part-time workers.

With Windows 365 Frontline, customers can purchase a certain number of Cloud PC licenses that can be shared among different employees. The service has already been used across various industries, such as healthcare, customer support, and sales.

“As employees log on, the Frontline Cloud PC is powered on and a license is used for the duration of their work. As they log off, the shared license is returned to the pool of shared licenses, and their Frontline Cloud PC is powered off. Any of the users within a defined group can access their Frontline Cloud PC without requiring a set schedule,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft notes that IT Pros can manage Windows 365 Frontline Cloud PCs via Microsoft Intune. It’s possible to monitor the usage of Cloud PCs through a centralized dashboard that shows data of up to 28 days. The dashboard provides detailed insights like the total number of Cloud PCs, the maximum concurrency limit, and warnings. The concurrency report helps to understand the usage trends for ensuring Cloud PC access during peak hours.

Microsoft’s Windows 365 Frontline is Now Generally Available

Licensing requirements

Windows 365 Frontline is available for organizations with Windows 10 Enterprise/Windows 11 Enterprise, Azure AD P1, and Microsoft Intune subscriptions. The licenses are also included in the Microsoft 365 E3/E5/F3/G3/G5/A3/A5 plans. Frontline workers can access their Cloud PCs via the web or the Windows 365 app on Windows 11. However, the service won’t be accessible through the Remote Desktop App. You can find the pricing details on Microsoft’s official website.

New features coming soon to Windows 365 Frontline

Going forward, Microsoft plans to add several new features to Windows 365 Frontline. IT admins will be able to configure automated notifications for approaching and reaching the maximum concurrency limit. This capability will allow administrators to buy additional licenses to meet the demand of their organization.

Microsoft’s Windows 365 Frontline is Now Generally Available

Microsoft will add support for bulk remote actions in Microsoft Intune. This release will let IT Pros power on and power off Frontline Cloud PCs and enforce idle session time limits. Finally, Windows 365 Boot will make it easier for users to log on to their Windows 11 Cloud PCs. The feature is already available for enterprise customers.