New VDI Solution for Microsoft Teams Launches with Enhanced Performance and Advanced Meetings Features

Microsoft Teams

Key Takeaways:

  • The new VDI solution for Microsoft Teams enhances performance and aims to achieve feature parity with the native desktop client.
  • The update brings advanced meeting capabilities such as new Gallery views, custom meeting backgrounds, and noise suppression.
  • The SlimCore media engine updates automatically and eliminates the need for user prompts or reboots.

Microsoft has announced the public preview of a new optimization architecture for Microsoft Teams on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). This preview is now accessible to Teams users on Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365, and Citrix DaaS, as well as Virtual Apps and Desktops for Windows endpoints.

This new VDI solution for Microsoft Teams has been completely rebuilt to enhance performance. The new native media engine, called SlimCore, replaces WebRTC, an open-source technology used for audio and video streaming in many collaboration platforms. Microsoft believes that adopting SlimCore will help achieve feature parity between the native Microsoft Teams desktop client and Teams for VDI.

“Last year we released a fully revamped Teams app, built on the premise of speed, performance, flexibility, and intelligence, providing a foundation for game-changing new AI-powered tools. Now we are bringing a new media engine that will elevate the user experience in virtual desktops with new features, and further quality, performance and reliability improvements,” Microsoft explained.

New VDI Solution for Microsoft Teams Launches with Enhanced Performance and Advanced Features
New optimization architecture for Microsoft Teams for VDI (Image Credits: Microsoft)

Microsoft emphasized that this new solution brings the same quality and reliability improvements found in the native Teams desktop app. Users should see significant performance enhancements when creating or joining meetings and sharing screens in Microsoft Teams for VDI.

Additionally, Microsoft updates the SlimCore media engine automatically, eliminating the need for prompts or reboots. This new mechanism allows seamless feature updates in Teams+SlimCore without requiring VDI infrastructure upgrades.

Microsoft Teams for VDI elevates meetings with new premium capabilities

The new solution for Microsoft Teams brings long-awaited advanced meeting capabilities for VDI customers. These features include new Gallery views (3×3 and 7×7), custom meeting backgrounds, 1080p support, presenter mode, noise suppression, and hardware acceleration. It also offers improved support through the Teams admin center and Call Quality Dashboard. Microsoft also plans to add Teams Premium features such as watermark support and Townhalls.

Microsoft began rolling out the new VDI solution for Microsoft Teams on June 25, and it’s expected to reach general availability in the coming days. If you’re interested, you can find more details on the Teams for VDI preview on this support page.