Enhanced Collaboration: Loop Components Coming to Microsoft Teams Channels

Microsoft Loop

Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft is adding support for Loop components in Teams channels. This update will allow users to create, share, and edit content like lists, tables, and notes directly within the Teams channel.
  • Loop components will be stored in the SharePoint site of the respective Teams channel and will be accessible across Microsoft 365 apps.
  • The feature is set to roll out in November and will be available across all types of Teams channels, including standard, private, and shared.

Microsoft is set to introduce support for collaborative Loop components in Teams channels next month. While the feature is currently limited to Teams chats, the upcoming update will enable users to seamlessly create, share, and edit Loop components right within Teams channels.

Microsoft Loop is a collaboration tool that helps users to streamline content creation across most of the Microsoft 365 apps. Loop components are portable pieces of content (such as lists, tables, and notes) that stay organized across all the places that they have been shared. Loop components can be created across Microsoft 365 apps such as Teams, Outlook, and Whiteboard.

“Users can create, share, and edit components to collaborate synchronously and asynchronously on ideas without leaving the context of their conversation. You can now copy and paste Loop components between channels, chats, Outlook emails, and other supported Microsoft 365 apps. No matter where people are collaborating the Loop, the component will always show the latest updates,” the company explained in a message on the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Loop components created in channels will be stored in the SharePoint site of the Teams channel. Users will be able to access components created within the channel from the Files tab. Moreover, Loop components shared within a channel will be accessible through other Microsoft 365 apps.

Microsoft to extend Loop component support across all Teams channel types

Microsoft will add support for Loop components to all channel types, including standard, private and shared. Users will be able to create Loop components in channels through the Microsoft Teams desktop and web apps. However, external users will not be able to access or edit the Loop components.

Microsoft plans to begin rolling out Loop components in Teams channels to targeted release customers in November. The feature will be available for the classic and new versions of Microsoft Teams. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can find more details about Microsoft Loop in our separate article.