Microsoft Purview Adds Adaptive Protection to Dynamically Mitigate Risks


Microsoft yesterday announced the launch of Adaptive Protection support in Microsoft Purview. The new solution leverages machine learning to help organizations detect potential malicious activities and mitigate insider risks with data loss prevention (DLP) controls.

Last year, Microsoft announced a new product rebranding to bring together its Azure Purview data governance service with Microsoft 365 compliance solutions. The new service enables customers to control and manage their data regardless of where it’s stored. It provides tools to let IT admins protect sensitive information and risks across apps, clouds, and endpoints.

The new Adaptive Protection feature in Microsoft Purview enables companies to create policies to manage insider risks, including data leakage, IP theft, and other security breaches. It helps security teams to ensure that role-based access controls and audit logs are in place to maintain a balance between data protection and productivity.

“With Adaptive Protection, DLP policies become dynamic, ensuring that the most effective policy—such as blocking data sharing—is applied only to high-risk users, while low-risk users can maintain their productivity. The result: your security operations team is now more efficient and empowered to do more with less,” Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft’s CVP of security, compliance, identity, and management.

Microsoft Purview Adds Adaptive Protection to Dynamically Mitigate Risks

Key features included in Adaptive Protection

Microsoft highlighted that Adaptive Protection uses content and activity data to quickly identify the most critical risks without affecting business processes. Moreover, IT Pros can use dynamic controls to enforce stronger security measures on high-risk users while maintaining work efficiency. The feature also provides automated mitigation capabilities to reduce the impact of security incidents, especially for customers with budget or staff restrictions.

Microsoft also announced a new integration between its Defender for Cloud and Purview Compliance Manager solutions. It provides a central hub that makes it easier for administrators to monitor their compliance posture.

Microsoft invites organizations to sign up for a free trial of its Microsoft Purview service. Furthermore, the company plans to hold a digital event “Microsoft Secure” on March 28. Microsoft will discuss the threat landscape and how it intends to protect its customers against increasing cyber-attacks.