Microsoft Loop Adds Support for Personal Accounts on iOS and Android

Microsoft Loop

Microsoft has started rolling out support for personal accounts in its Microsoft Loop app on mobile devices. Indeed, the company announced yesterday that the feature is now available in preview on iOS and Android.

Microsoft officially launched its new Loop app in public preview in March this year. The app provides a real-time collaboration experience that lets teammates work together on tasks, documents, and projects. It allows users to share specific pieces of content (like Loop components, pages, and workspaces) with both internal and external users.

Microsoft Loop comes with new AI-powered features with the integration of the Microsoft 365 Copilot tool. The app makes it easier to keep projects organized and has integrations with other Microsoft services such as PowerPoint and Word.

Up until now, the Microsoft Loop app only supported work accounts on mobile devices. However, Microsoft promised that support for personal accounts would be available soon. Rebecca Keys, the project manager of Microsoft Loop, confirmed on Twitter that users can now access Microsoft Loop on Android and iOS.

Microsoft Loop Adds Support for Personal Accounts on iOS and Android

Microsoft Loop opens a limited number of spots for iOS users

To test the new support for personal accounts in Microsoft Loop, Android users will need to download the app from the Google Play Store. On iOS, Microsoft Loop is only available for select users who have enrolled in Apple’s TestFlight program.

Keep in mind the app is still under development, and users might encounter some unexpected issues. Microsoft invites testers to use the Loop app and provide their feedback and suggestions to enhance the overall experience. Do you use Microsoft Loop to organize work and collaborate on projects? Let us know in the comments section below.