Microsoft Entra Verified ID Service is Now Generally Available

Cloud Computing

Microsoft has announced that its Entra Verified ID service is now generally available for commercial customers. The new decentralized identity offering enables organizations to easily create, issue, and verify the credentials of users to provide proof of education, employment, and other claims.

“Microsoft’s Microsoft Entra Verified ID (Azure AD VC) service enables you to trust proofs of user identity without expanding your trust boundary. With Azure AD VC, you create accounts or federate with another identity provider. When a solution implements a verification exchange using verifiable credentials, it enables applications to request credentials that aren’t bound to a specific domain,” the company explained.

Microsoft Entra Verified ID Service is Now Generally Available

According to Microsoft, the user owns and controls the cryptographic keys that are used to sign the verifiable credentials. The Entra Verified ID service includes APIs that enable apps to request and verify credentials from any organization. 

Additionally, developers can use these APIs to integrate verifiable credentials into their existing apps and services hosted in on-premises environments or on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Employees can use the Microsoft Authenticator app to manage credentials. It is also possible to easily recover lost credentials with a passphrase. Microsoft has collaborated with IBM, Ping, Mattr, and Workday to build an interop profile that lets developers build compatible digital wallets.

Microsoft partners with leading identity verification providers

Microsoft highlights that it has partnered with 10 popular identity verification providers worldwide. This should make it easier for enterprise customers to remotely verify identity attributes across 192 countries. Entra Verified ID is designed to support scenarios such as faster employee onboarding, access to apps and services, account recovery, loan applications, and remote learning.

Microsoft Entra Verified ID is currently available for all customers with an Azure AD Free license. However, organizations will need to purchase a premium license will be required for processing over 50,000 transactions per month.