Microsoft Unveils New Features for Windows 365 Cloud PCs

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Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft has started testing new features for Windows 365 Boot, such as a dedicated mode and a customized company logo/name.
  • Windows 365 Switch is set to get an improved disconnect experience and desktop indicators.
  • These improvements are currently available for Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel.

Microsoft is testing updates for its Windows 365 Cloud PC service, which are available for Insiders in the Dev Channel. The enhancements include a dedicated login mode for Windows 365 Boot, an improved disconnect experience for Windows 365 Switch, access to local PC settings from the Cloud PC, and more.

Microsoft first launched its Windows 365 Cloud PC service for enterprise and business customers in 2021. It’s a cloud-based service that allows users to stream a Windows desktop to any device. Microsoft says that IT admins have complete control over Windows 365 Cloud PCs in the same way as they control regular PCs.

The Windows 365 Boot feature lets users log directly into their Cloud PC as the primary Windows experience. Moreover, Windows 365 Switch allows users to switch between their local PC and Cloud PC easily.

First up, Windows 365 Boot is getting a new dedicated mode, allowing users to log in to their Windows 365 Cloud PCs from any designated company-owned device. The login experience supports Windows Hello for Business and other passwordless authentication methods. Moreover, organizations will be able to add a custom name and logo on the login screen.

Microsoft Unveils New Features for Windows 365 Cloud PCs
Dedicated mode for Windows 365 Boot

Microsoft is introducing a new Fail Fast mechanism that will proactively notify users about potential issues (like network problems or incomplete app setup) before completing the sign-in process. The feature ensures a seamless login experience for Windows 365 customers. Additionally, users will be able to manage the settings of their local PC (such as display and sound) directly through Windows 365 Boot.

Windows 365 Switch to add an improved disconnect experience and desktop indicators

The Windows 365 Switch feature will soon add an improved disconnect experience. Users will be able to disconnect by right-clicking the “Cloud PC” button and then selecting “Disconnect.” Microsoft will also introduce new desktop indicators to differentiate when switching between their local and Cloud PCs.

image 8
Improved disconnect experience for Windows 365 Switch

Last month, Microsoft announced several new features and capabilities for Windows 365 at Ignite 2023. The service now supports single sign-on (SSO), passwordless authentication, watermarking, as well as tamper and screen capture protection to help customers protect sensitive data within their organization.