Microsoft Edge Workspaces Now Generally Available for Enterprise Customers

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has announced that the Edge Workspaces feature is now generally available for enterprise customers. The new collaboration experience launched in public preview back in April, and it lets users work together in a shared workspace within the web browser.

Microsoft Edge Workspaces allow users to share a set of tabs and favorites with their colleagues. The enterprise feature lets participants make changes to the shared tabs in real-time related to a specific project such as trip planning. The enterprise feature is designed to help employees stay better organized and productive.

“With a workspace, users and teams can easily “pause and resume” working on their project, meaning they can close the workspace with all their tabs and confidently open it later to access their tabs again. They can also invite additional teammates to join their workspace for a shared experience where teams can browse together,” the company explained on the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Currently, the Workspaces feature is available in Microsoft Edge version 114 or higher on Windows and macOS. Users will need to be signed in with their Microsoft Entra ID (formerly called Azure AD) accounts to access Workspaces within Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Workspaces Now Generally Available for Enterprises Customers

How to create Workspaces in Microsoft Edge

To create a new workspace, users will need to click the dedicated icon in the top left corner of Microsoft Edge. Now, open the browser tabs relevant to the research and share them with anyone who might want to contribute to the project. It’s also possible to add or delete tabs in the workspace at any time.

Microsoft notes that it won’t share private information (such as cookies, logins, and passwords) with other participants who have access to a specific Workspace. Moreover, the data is stored in users’ personal OneDrive for Business, and they can only share workspaces within the same Microsoft 365 tenant. Microsoft has published a support document to help IT admins manage Edge Workspaces in their organization.

In related news, Microsoft has announced that Edge for Business will become the default experience for all enterprise customers next month. It helps users to separate their personal and private browsing sessions.