Microsoft Edge for Business to Be Enabled By Default Next Month

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge for Business will soon become the default experience for all enterprise customers. Microsoft has announced its plans to release version 116 of its Edge browser with the new dedicated work experience next month.

Microsoft Edge for Business launched in public preview back in May 2023. This release allows users to better separate their personal and private browsing experiences. It comes with a dedicated logo, company branding, and an icon on the taskbar. Microsoft Edge for Business supports automatic switching between work and personal browser windows. Users can also choose to configure personal and work-related settings in Microsoft Edge.

“When logging in with AAD, users will receive Edge for Business, a visually distinct work browser with rich enterprise controls for secure data access and leak prevention. Edge for Business will automatically separate work and personal browsing into dedicated browser windows with their own separate caches and storage locations, so information stays separate,” the company explained in a message on the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Microsoft Edge for Business to Be Enabled By Default Next Month

Microsoft Edge for Business comes with compliance controls and other management features

Microsoft Edge for Business provides access to various compliance controls that can be applied to personal and work browser sessions. Microsoft says that IT admins can configure information rights management and data loss prevention to enhance security and compliance. However, it will require organizations to have E5 licensing.

Additionally, Microsoft Edge for Business support Unmanaged Bring Your Own Personal Computer (BYOPC). This capability provides secure access to work resources on personal devices with DLP controls. Microsoft Edge for Business also provides Intune support to manage mobile devices.

Microsoft plans to release the Edge for Business experience in “the week of August 17, 2023.” It’s currently available in preview on managed devices, and you can learn more details on this page.