Microsoft Copilot for Security Launches with Flexible Pricing Model


Key Takeaways:

  • Microsoft launches Copilot for Security, an AI-powered tool to aid security professionals in defending against cyberattacks.
  • The tool offers real-time insights, threat summaries, and actionable recommendations, potentially freeing up 40% more time for security teams.
  • Copilot for Security introduces a consumption-based pricing model, allowing businesses to start small and scale up as needed.

Microsoft has announced the general availability of its new Copilot for Security solution. The new AI-powered service is designed to assist security professionals in fortifying defenses against cyber threats.

Microsoft first announced its Copilot for Security tool back in March 2023. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Microsoft’s own security-specific model, Copilot for Security offers real-time insights on security incidents, summaries of security threats, and recommendations to help organizations enhance security practices. Microsoft claims that the tool could help security teams free up 40 percent more time that would be spent on other routine security operations tasks.

Additionally, Copilot for Security offers support for vulnerability and patch management. The feature pulls version information and cross-checks it with known issues from threat intelligence data to help security analysts detect vulnerable endpoints. Copilot for Security also includes a pinboard section to enhance collaboration between cybersecurity professionals.

Microsoft Copilot for Security Launches with Flexible Pricing Model
Provision SUCs in the Copilot for Security Portal (Image Credits: Microsoft)

Starting today, cybersecurity analysts can access Copilot for Security in two ways. It integrates with Microsoft’s existing security products, including Microsoft Entra, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Purview, and Microsoft Defender XDR. The AI-powered security tool is also available as a standalone portal that can be integrated with third-party products.

Copilot for Security pricing details

Microsoft has introduced a consumption-based pricing model for Copilot for Security. This means that businesses can quickly get started with Copilot for Security and scale up as needed. A dashboard helps customers to monitor their Copilot usage (measured in Security Compute Units (SCUs)), remaining capability, and usage patterns to make informed decisions about provisioning more capability.

Microsoft Copilot for Security Launches with Flexible Pricing Model
Usage Monitoring in action (Image Credits: Microsoft)

“With a flexible, consumption-based pricing model, customers can start small, experiment, and learn from their own usage to grow to the capacity required to meet their business needs and budget. Microsoft recommends provisioning a minimum of 3 SCUs per hour to start,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft requires organizations to have an Azure subscription in order to get started with Copilot for Security. Customers will be billed on a monthly basis at a rate of $4 per hour, and the anticipated cost of using Copilot can be easily calculated using Microsoft’s pricing calculator.