Microsoft Changes Release Schedule for Configuration Manager to Bi-Annual Updates

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Microsoft announced some changes yesterday to its release schedule for Microsoft Configuration Manager updates. The company is switching the product from its usual tri-annual updates to a bi-annual release cycle.

Microsoft Configuration Manager is a tool that enables IT admins to manage large groups of Windows machines. It helps to deploy applications, automate patch management and software updates, and monitor system health. Microsoft Configuration Manager lets administrators generate reports on software and hardware inventory and system compliance.

Going forward, Microsoft plans to release Configuration Manager updates in the Spring and Fall of every year. The company explained that this change aims to better align with the release schedule of Windows updates that arrive once per year. The new update cycle should make it easier to prioritize top customer feature requests. Moreover, IT admins will now need to manage fewer deployments annually.

“With this change and the longer development cycle, the Configuration Manager 2309 update will be able to address key customer asks around policy sync, software update troubleshooting, improved alerts, dashboarding, and more. Hotfix rollups and security updates will continue to be made available as necessary to address any critical bugs,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft Configuration Manager to get four technical previews annually

Microsoft plans to roll out the change with the release of baseline version 2303 of Microsoft Configuration Manager later this year. The company will roll out four technical previews per year through an “in-console update and servicing process.”

It’s important to note that Microsoft isn’t making any changes to the support lifecycle of the current branch. The company has confirmed that the technical preview releases of Microsoft Configuration Manager will be supported for 18 months.