Microsoft Brings Cloud Foundry Out Of Preview, Opens Access to Pivotal Cloud Foundry

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Microsoft is pushing aggressively ahead with its Azure platform and considering that its strong growth last quarter is a primary driver of its stock price jump, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Today, the company has announced that Cloud Foundry on Azure, following-up on the initial support announced for the service back in May, is now generally available to all users of Azure.

For those not familiar with Cloud Foundry, the software makes it easier to build, test, deploy, and scale cloud applications for many different languages. With the announcement today, developers now have a consistent Cloud Foundry experience across Azure and a simplified provisioning workflow by leveraging Azure Resource Manager templates.

Microsoft says that they merged the Azure Cloud Provider Interface (CPI) into upstream, the open source Cloud Foundry repository, which means that Cloud Foundry on Azure is powered by both the Azure team as well as the Cloud Foundry community. In short, this means that Microsoft is, and will continue to, contribute and collaborate with the open source community.

In addition to the Cloud Foundry announcement, the company has also opened up Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Azure in a preview state. This set of tools unifies the software delivery process with an integrated application framework, platform runtime, and infrastructure automation for delivering software rapidly reliably at scale.

Both of these initiatives will help to boost the appeal of Azure to developers as it shows Microsoft is committed to software that is not their own and that company is continuing to invest in its own platform, so you know it’s not going away anytime soon. If you want to learn more about these two products and how they work within Azure, you can check out the announcement post, here.