Microsoft 365 Authentication Outage is Preventing Log Ins

Are you having issues logging into your Microsoft 365 dashboards or applications? You are not alone with social media and forum posts popping up with admins and users reporting that they cannot authenticate to various services.

Microsoft is aware of the issue but at this time there is not an ETA for a fix. Amusingly, the support account for Microsoft 365 on Twitter recommends that you check your account dashboard for MO222965 but when you try to authenticate, it fails.

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The issue, as of now, only appears to be linked to authentication. If you are already logged into an app or dashboard, you should be safe to utilize that feature but do not log out; the outage started around 5:30 PM ET/2:30 PM PT.

But the scenario that is causing headaches for many IT Pros is that users are being alerted that their credentials are out of date or they are automatically logged out and are unable to regain access to the service. This issue appears to be impacting many of Microsoft services including consumer,  commercial, government, and other Microsoft 365 services.

For now, there is not much you can do other than wait for Microsoft to resolve the issue. The company said that they have rolled back an update that they think is causing the issue but more than an hour after the initial outage, services are still inaccessible to many. Once they do fully restore operations, we will update this post.

Update: As of about 7PM ET, operations are returning to normal.