GitHub Copilot for Business is Now Available with Admin Controls

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GitHub has launched a business version of its GitHub Copilot AI-based coding assistant. The new GitHub Copilot for Business plan is now available for enterprise customers for $19 per user per month, and it comes with privacy features, organization-wide policy controls, and license management capabilities.

Microsoft-owned GitHub teamed up with OpenAI to introduce its Copilot tool for individuals and educators in June 2021. It leverages AI to generate entire lines of code and functions directly within an integrated development environment (IDE) such as Visual Studio Code, JetBrains IDEs, and Neovim.

Specifically, GitHub Copilot for Business includes several capabilities for organizations. It provides a central hub for managing user licenses across large teams of developers. Microsoft has also introduced new policy controls that let IT admins prevent the Copilot tool from suggesting code that matches public code repositories.

“At GitHub, we believe that just like the rise of compilers and open source, AI-assisted coding will revolutionize how we build software. And by bringing GitHub Copilot to organizations of all sizes with improved admin controls, we’re confident in the power of AI to improve the developer experience, increase productivity and satisfaction, and accelerate innovation,” the GitHub team explained.

GitHub Copilot for Business is Now Available with Admin Controls

GitHub Copilot for Business launches amid legal challenges

GitHub claims that Copilot for Business doesn’t retain and share users’ code snippets regardless of the fact that the data is collected from public/private/non-GitHub repositories or local files. However, it transmits engagement data such as editing actions, errors, latency, and more.

Last month, lawyer and developer Matthew Butterick filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI. GitHub Copilot has been found to reproduce long sections of licensed code without providing credit to its creators. The class action lawsuit accuses the companies of violating copyright law on a massive scale. It remains to be seen if the new admin controls would be enough to help the company deal with legal challenges.

GitHub notes that its AI-based Copilot tool is generally available for all business customers. Moreover, IT administrators can follow this step-by-step guide to enforce policies for developers in their organization.