First Ring Daily: Building on the Road

In this episode of First Ring Daily, Brad Sams and Paul Thurrott discuss Microsoft’s upcoming Build developer conference starting next week, as well as the various Windows on ARM announcements from Microsoft and other PC manufacturers that are expected on Monday.

The use of React Native in Windows 11. Research shows how Microsoft is using React Native, a web technology created by Facebook, to build some of the new features in Windows 11, such as the recommended section in the Start menu. Microsoft controls the desktop version of React Native and is using it everywhere.

The challenges of modern app development on Windows. Paul and Brad discuss how Microsoft has failed to provide a consistent and easy framework for app development on Windows, and how they have to resort to different technologies such as WinUI, XAML Islands, and WPF. They speculate that Microsoft might move on from WinUI 3 and that WPF might make a comeback.

The trend of web-based technologies for cross-platform development. Paul and Brad compare the situation of Microsoft with that of Google, which is also using web-based technologies, such as Flutter and Dart, to create apps that run on multiple platforms. They suggest that web technologies are becoming the common way to get to the web, regardless of the language or framework used.