Dev Home Preview 0.2 Now Available With Several Improvements and Bug Fixes

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Microsoft has announced the release of the 0.2 preview version of the Dev Home app for Windows 11. The latest update brings several quality improvements and bug fixes to enhance the overall experience for developers.

Microsoft launched the new Dev Home app for Windows 11 in preview at its annual Build developer conference. The new app is designed to make it easier for developers to set up their developer environment with a winget configuration file. Dev Home provides a customizable dashboard that lets developers keep track of their projects. It’s also possible to connect GitHub accounts to monitor the latest issues, pull requests, and more.

First of all, Microsoft has introduced a new WinGet YAML configuration file for NodeJS. The new configuration file is designed to streamline the management process for NodeJS dependencies. Users will now see a new loading progress ring while accessing widgets from the Dev Home dashboard.

Microsoft has also released some enhancements for the repository cloning tool in Dev Home. The app now shows a list of cloned repositories to help Windows 11 users manage and access their projects. You can find the full list of improvements included in Dev Home Preview 0.2 below:

What’s new in Dev Home Preview 0.2?

Miscellaneous improvements

🛠️ A WinGet YAML configuration file for NodeJS has been added to the repository.

🛠️ The dashboard now displays a loading progress ring while loading widgets (Thanks @aksoftware98!).

🛠️ System widget graphs now use antialiasing for a smoother appearance.

🛠️ Core widgets now work on Arm64 devices (Thanks @snickler).

🛠️ The repository cloning tool now shows you repositories you’ve previously cloned.

Bug fixes

🐛 Switching the theme doesn’t get into a broken state anymore (we’re pretty sure).

🐛 Installing apps through the end-to-end setup tool shouldn’t crash anymore.

🐛 Background contrast should be much better now (Thanks @BreeceW!).

🐛 The add widget dialogs now dynamically size with the window, ensuring all buttons are clickable.

If you’re interested, you can head over to the Microsoft Store or the GitHub releases page to download the Dev Home preview app on Windows 11. You can find more details about the Dev Home on this support page.