Classroom Stuff

This section holds a list of classroom related articles written or modified by me, with exception of a few articles grabbed from Microsoft or other resources. Some articles that are written in Hebrew have a note near them.  If you have any interesting articles you want to share, please send me a copy and I will post them here if they’re as good as you say.
If you are (or were in the past) a student of mine and you need a specific article or tool we talked about in class and you cannot find it here – write to me and ask. I’ll see what I can do.
Available topics

Available files, scripts and tools
These are mainly stuff I’ve talk about in one of my classes, or stuff I’ve promised my students. All tools are either freeware or stuff that was written by me. You can use them free of cost, but do NOT claim them to be your own creation and do NOT charge other people money for them.

You need to extract the tool/script found in the downloaded files by using WinZip or PKware ZIP.
Other tools can be found in the Tools and Scripts section. Check them out, all of them are completely free.
Many classroom specific articles can be found in the Tips and Tricks section, such as Active Directory installation tips, DNS issues and more. Don’t miss that section!
Use the Search page to find what you’re looking for.
I don’t update this section as often as I should, but look at the last modified date on the top right corner to see if there were any changes made lately.