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Microsoft Has a New Password Manager for Consumer and Enterprise Customers

Microsoft has announced their first password manager that is being included in the company's Authenticator app.

Dec 15, 2020|Brad Sams

How to Use to Provision LetsEncrypt SSL Certificates

LetsEncrypt has changed the face of SSL certification issuance. Making it easy for website developers to freely and easily issue an SSL certificate, LetsEncrypt has opened the floodgate to properly securing every website.

Dec 11, 2020|Adam Bertram

Patch Tuesday – December 2020

This month there are just 58 bugs patched for Microsoft products, including a critical remote code execution flaw in Hyper-V and Microsoft issues a security advisory for Windows DNS.

Dec 10, 2020|Russell Smith

Microsoft Releases Machine-Learning Backed Password Spray Attack Detection

New machine-learning backed password spray attack detection spots twice the number of compromised accounts.

Dec 3, 2020|Russell Smith

Microsoft Highlights Important Security Topics in National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Microsoft uses National Cybersecurity Awareness Month to highlight import security issues to help raise awareness with its customers.

Nov 16, 2020|Russell Smith

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