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M365 Changelog: Anti-malware policy : Common attachment filter : Additional file types block by default

MC285906 – The ‘Common attachment filter’ option in the ‘Anti-malware’ policy...

Sep 18, 2021|Petri Staff

M365 Changelog: Classic Exchange Admin Center (EAC) Retirement Announcement

MC283874 – In MC252053 (April 2021), Microsoft announced the general availability...

Sep 8, 2021|Petri Staff

M365 Changelog: Play My Emails: Spotlight

MC282784 – This enhancement to the Play My Emails feature of...

Sep 2, 2021|Petri Staff

M365 Changelog: Insights in Microsoft 365 to become part of Microsoft Viva

MC282545 – In the coming months, personal productivity and wellbeing insights...

Sep 2, 2021|Petri Staff

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