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Upgrade the Instant Messenger Client

Daniel Petri


How can I upgrade the Instant Messenger client?
The Instant Messenger client that was originally placed on the Exchange 2000 CD media was version 2.2. Service Pack 1 and 2 had upgraded versions of the IM client. Service Pack 3 no longer has the IM client, and points you to Microsoft’s web site.

The current version of the IM client is v5.0 (5.0.0468) for Windows XP, W2K and Windows Server 2003. You can download it from here:
Windows Messenger v5.0 for W2K/XP/2003 (8.23mb)
Note: Windows Messenger 5.0 client is not available for operating systems previous to Windows 2000. For Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows Millennium Edition you will need v4.6 of the Exchange Instant Messaging Client:
Windows Messenger v4.6 for Win9X/ME/NT (1.87mb)
You can also read Update Windows Messenger for more info.


See the Windows Messenger 5.0 page for a list of all available languages for v5.0
See the Windows Messenger 4.6 page for a list of all available languages for v4.6

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