Author: Michael Simmons

Set Up Office 365 Trial With Your Own Domain Name

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Microsoft's Office 365 is an entirely different approach to their software model, putting the Office suite and server products into the cloud. Because this is such a leap from what we've been doing for decades, you may be wondering if it's the right solution for your company. In this post, Michael Simmons shows you how to set up Microsoft's free 30 day trial which you can set up on your own domain. Is Office 365 right for you? Try it out and see!

Petri’s Top 4 Password Reset Utilities

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Have you ever needed to work on a computer but couldn't because the password was lost? Instead of spending time trying to guess what the password is or tracking it down from an old employee, sometimes it's better to just reset the password. In this post, Michael Simmons covers 4 great password reset utilities that will get you into the locked out machine in no time.