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Managing Exchange Online Mailbox Size Limits with PowerShell

Last Update: Aug 07, 2023

Learn how to manage Exchange Online mailbox size limits using Windows PowerShell in this short how-to article by J. Peter Bruzzese.

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An Introduction to Exchange Online Protection (EOP)

Last Update: Jun 12, 2023

J. Peter Bruzzese provides an introduction to Exchange Online Protection, Microsoft’s latest solution for protecting your Exchange server from malware and spam.

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How to Enable Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication

Last Update: Nov 09, 2022

Learn how to enable multi-factor authentication for Office 365 in this how-to article (with accompanying video) by J. Peter Bruzzese.

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Setting up a Multi-Subnet Infrastructure without a Router between Subnets

Last Update: Sep 02, 2022

Are you looking to work with a multi-site environment but don’t have a “true” router to work with? In this post, J. Peter Bruzzese and Ed Liberman team up to show you a relatively simple solution, as long as you have a decent grasp of subnetting, an understanding of AD Sites and Services, and basic network troubleshooting and testing.

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Storing Documents in the Cloud: OneDrive, SharePoint, or Email?

Where should you save your file in the cloud? J. Peter Bruzzese offers advice to make the decision between saving it via OneDrive and SharePoint much easier depending on your needs.

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Setting Up a Site Mailbox in SharePoint Online

J. Peter Bruzzese shows us how to create a site mailbox with SharePoint Online for better collaboration with outside members of an organization.

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Is Office 365 Really Suited for Small Business?

Is Office 365 really suited for small business? Microsoft MVP J. Peter Bruzzese gives his take on what benefits Office 365 provides.

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New Office 365 SMB Plans Finally Announced

Microsoft has announced new Office 365 SMB plans, which include Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Business, and Office 365 Business Premium.

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Hands-on with the Windows 10 Technical Preview

J. Peter Bruzzese gets hands-on with the Windows 10 Technical Preview by showing off the new Start menu, the Snap Assist feature, and more.

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Office 365 Legal Hold Bug Fix Now Available, Exchange Fix Coming Soon

J. Peter Bruzzese gives us an update on Microsoft’s progress for the Office 365 Legal Hold bug fix.

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