SharePoint Podcast Episode #319

Podcast #319

In this episode, Todd and I talk about reverse DSC for SharePoint and explain what that is and why it is cool. From there we dive into our civic duty of sharing a bunch of Microsoft links and how they impact your life. It turns out OneDrive gets a facelift; let’s secretly hope Todd gets one, also. The last of the announcements we discuss is Calendar.Help, Microsoft’s next Artificial Intelligence offering. Talk of AI gets us off topic on some tangents about how great a calendar full of meetings is and the hopes that our robot overlords will one day use AI to make us go to fewer meetings. Time will tell.



This week the shiny objects that get us off into left field come at the end of the show. Somehow, we manage to segway from AI to our opinions on college football players, why you should pay $10 for the new Mario game, and then we gush about Star Wars Rogue One. While discussing Star Wars, we do manage to avoid any spoilers, and you can see the great pain it causes us because they stop every conversation short, unlike the show that ran long.

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