Samsung Releases Server-Side Fixes for Microsoft Intune Android 13 Enrollment Issues

Cloud Computing

Microsoft this week confirmed that the Android 13 update caused enrollment issues with Microsoft Intune on some Samsung phones. The company announced that Google and Samsung released a fix for users of the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S21 devices.

Microsoft Intune is a popular cloud-based unified endpoint management solution. It enables IT departments to manage fleets of Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS operating systems. The app protection policy of the service uses Azure Active Directory identity to separate personal and corporate data.

The exact cause of the problem is unclear. However, Microsoft explained that the Android 13 update prevents IT admins from enrolling Samsung Galaxy S22 and S21 devices while creating a Work Profile. The enrollment fails with the “Can’t setup device. Contact your IT admin for help” error.

“We were recently alerted to an issue where Samsung devices are unable to enroll as personally-owned Work Profile on Android 13. Users may see a dialog box saying that the profile was unable to be created. S21 and S22 devices are confirmed to be affected, but impact on other models may be possible. We have been working with Samsung and Google friends, who have issued a fix,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft suggests rebooting devices before proceeding with Microsoft Intune enrollment

In a support document, Samsung also confirmed that it has issued server-side fixes to address enrollment issues with Samsung phones. The company recommended that users will need to restart their devices to automatically install the Android Device Policy app required to complete the enrollment process.

Moreover, it’s also possible to manually install the application from the Google Play Store and then reboot the device. Let us know in the comments section below if the server-side update helped to address the Microsoft Intune enrollment issues.