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Outlook Mobile Clients will soon Support Access to Delegate Mailboxes

IT Pros – your users will be very pleased to hear that Microsoft has finally announced a timeline for the support of Delegate Mailboxes on the Outlook mobile app (iOS and Android). What is a delegate mailbox? Read on!

A delegated mailbox is a type of mailbox that allows you to share some of the duties of supporting your mailbox with others, your delegates. Delegates can send an email on your behalf, for example. When they compose a new message, and they have the appropriate delegate permissions, they can choose your mailbox in the ‘From:’ dropdown. The email will look like it came from you, but your delegate takes care of the heavy lifting.

With this update, users can manage delegates right from the Outlook mobile app. Also, delegates with permissions can add and view delegated mailboxes in their respective Outlook app. This allows them to send emails from their own email account in addition to yours. Seamlessly, right in the app.

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As you can see in the image in this post, it will be straightforward to add delegates to your mailbox in the Account Settings section of the app. Microsoft has provided the ability to assign granular mailbox permissions to various delegates. You can allow one delegate just Read-Only access (to help gather information for an upcoming meeting), and another to Create Items, allowing them to send an email on your behalf.

The rollout will begin late this month and should conclude around early May. Here are some links with more information on this new feature and Delegates in general.

Manage permissions for recipients | Microsoft Docs


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