Microsoft Outlook Now Supports Improved Interoperability With Google Calendar

Outlook – 2

Google announced this week that Calendar Interoperability improvements are now available for users of Microsoft Outlook. Calendar Interoperability is what allows Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange to seamlessly work together, allowing users of both systems to share their schedules and view availability information.

It used to be true that Outlook works best with Microsoft Exchange accounts, while Google Workspace users could get the best calendar experience using Google’s own apps. While Google certainly built a lot of unique Gmail features to simplify email management, Calendar Interoperability really helped to make Google Calendar play nice with Outlook.

As of today, Calendar Interoperability needs to be configured by IT admins for a Google Workspace domain. It currently works with Microsoft Exchange 2023 or newer, as well as Outlook and other email clients that support Exchange Online. 

Three recent improvements to Calendar Interoperability in Outlook

First of all, people using the same email address with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook can now receive Google Calendar invitations and RSVPs within Outlook. It’s no longer necessary to switch apps to accept these invitations.

Additionally, Outlook users will also receive meeting reminders when an event they’ve been invited to has been created in Google Calendar. Lastly, Google said that non-Google Calendar recurring events will now be “more systematically and accurately updated in Google Calendar.” 

These three improvements to Calendar Interoperability are available for all Google Workspace Customers, legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers, as well as users with personal Google accounts. Google noted that there is no action required for IT admins and end users.