Outlook for Windows to Finally Get Support for Cloud Signatures

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Microsoft is getting ready to release an update for the Outlook for Windows client that will let users store their Signature settings in the cloud. The company has been testing this feature with Office Insiders in the Beta channel for quite some time to incorporate user feedback before making it generally available for everyone.

Microsoft first announced its plans to add support for Signature cloud settings (roaming signatures) in Outlook for Windows in 2020. Currently, signatures are stored locally on Windows PCs, and users have to recreate them every time they reinstall the email client or move to a new device.

With this release, Microsoft says that email signatures will be stored inside the user’s mailbox in the cloud. Users will create their email signatures once to get them synced across all devices where they have configured the same Microsoft 365 account.

The Signature cloud settings feature should ensure a consistent experience when users access Outlook for Windows on any of their PCs. It will help to avoid situations where users send emails with outdated signatures.

“Upgrades to how your email signatures are managed will be launching soon. These enhancements change where the signature data is stored from per-device to per-account. This means the same set of signatures will be available on any Windows (Microsoft 365) or Web version of Outlook, and you will no longer need to reconfigure your signatures when getting a new device,” Microsoft explained on the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Outlook for Windows to Finally Get Support for Cloud Signatures This Month

Outlook for Windows to store email signatures in the cloud this month

According to Microsoft, the Signature cloud settings feature is expected to arrive in “late October,” though the timeline is subject to change. At launch, this capability will only be available for users with mailboxes on Outlook.com or Microsoft 365. There is no indication that Microsoft will bring it to Exchange on-premises servers.

It is important to note that different signature mechanisms are available for Outlook clients on Windows, macOS, the web, and mobile. The Signature cloud settings feature should be the first step to reducing confusion by providing a consistent experience across all platforms.