One Note 2003 SP3 Slipstreaming

How can I slipstream service packs into One Note 2003?

This scenario explains how to create an integrated installation of One Note 2003 and the corresponding service pack in a shared distribution folder on a network or on your local computer. To complete this procedure, you must have the original One Note 2003 media.

Note: For Office System (2003) SP3 slipstreaming please see links below.

Note: The One Note 2003 Service Pack 3 is NOT a part of the regular Office System (2003) Service Pack 3 download, and it has to be separately downloaded. See link below.

Note: This explanation is based upon usage of One Note 2003 and SP3, but will also work for any future service packs.

Slipstream Prerequisites

Before we begin anything, you’ll need to have a few things:

  1. One Note 2003 CD
  2. You will need the Administrative Update of Service Pack 3. It can be downloaded from HERE (35mb)
    No, the regular SP won’t do.
  3. Around 150MB of free space on one of your hard drives.
  4. A CDR/CDRW drive, CD burning software and (This is actually only optional, but if you want to burn the resulting slipstreamed One Note 2003 then you’ll need it).

Step 1: Perform an administrative installation

Do NOT just copy your CD to your HD! Instead, use the following steps:

  1. Insert the One Note 2003 CD into your drive, from the “Start” button select “Run” and type:

    Lamer Note: X: is the physical drive your CD drive is assigned. Notice there is a space between the “setup.exe” and the “/”.
    This is going to start the install process of One Note 2003. You’ll be presented with the option of where you want the files to go (I chose “G:\OneNote2003”), and you’ll be asked to enter your CD key.
    onenoteslip1 small1
    Network Installation Note: If you plan to use this installation point to install One Note 2003 from the network of via Group Policy (GPO) you must first create a folder on your server, share it, and then browse to that share via the network path, NOT the local path.
  2. After entering the CD key, you’ll be presented with the End User License Agreement. Accept it then continue.
    onenoteslip2 small1
  3. It’s going to appear to be installing, but in fact your files are being copied over to your hard drive.
    onenoteslip3 small1
  4. The completion window will pop up and the entire Office 2003 CD is now copied to your hard drive.
    onenoteslip4 small1
  5. Take a look at the folder’s properties, it should be 139mb in size.
    onenoteslip5 small1

Step 2: Extract the Service Pack files

The next step is to decompress the Administrative Update into a folder on your hard drive.

Read my lips: You need the administrative version of SP3 to perform the slipstreaming process. The regular SP won’t do. Download it from the link at the Prerequisites section above.

  1. Locate the SP3 file (see the Prerequisites section above). The file name should be
  2. Extract the .MSP files from within the SP3 download. You can do so by using a 3rd party extraction tool such as WinZip or WinRAR, or, if you want, you can use this command:

    (where folder is the path to where you’ve downloaded SP3 and D:\OneNote2003SP3 is the folder to where you’ll extract the SP3 files. Use your own path if necessary)
    Lamer Note: The above command is ONE line. Just copy and paste.
    Note: If you double-click the downloaded EXE file, installation of the SP3 patch begins automatically. You DO NOT want to do that. So DO NOT double-click the file. Run the above command instead.
    After extracting the SP3 files you’ll end up with a few files:
    onenote 2003 sp3 1 small

Step 3: Apply SP to the installation files

Start the “Run” command from your “Start” menu again. Enter the following command:

Where G:\OneNote2003SP3 is the path where the SP3 files are located, and G:\OneNote2003 is the folder where the One Note 2003 files were copied during step #1. Just copy the above line and change the folder locations to ease your typing and reduce spelling mistakes.

Lamer note: Please, please use your OWN drive letters and folder names…

This will update the One Note installation files.

Note that you will not receive any message telling you that the process was indeed successful.

Step 4: Burn the files to a CD (optional)

Use your favorite CD-Burning software and burn the G:\OneNote2003 folder to a CD. You don’t need instructions for that, do you?

Lamer note: Do NOT e-mail me with complaints that the CD-key I gave you doesn’t work. I never gave you any CD-key, the keys listed on my site are all samples, not true keys.
office 2003 sp3 2 small1