Office System (2003) Gold (RTM) Patches

Office System (2003) Gold (RTM) Patches

You should consider installing SP2

Office System 2003 Service Pack 2 was released in the end of September 2005. You can download SP2 for Office System 2003 right here:
Download Office System 2003 SP2 – Client only (50.5mb)link out ico
Download Office System 2003 SP2 – Full administrative installation (101mb)link out ico
For detailed instructions on how to integrate SP1 into your Office 2003 products see the following articles: Front Page 2003 SP2 Slipstreaming, Office System (2003) SP2 Slipstreaming and One Note 2003 SP2 Slipstreaming.

Required Patches

Office System (2003) Gold (RTM) requires the following patches:
April 2005
MS05-023 : Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Word May Lead to Remote Code Execution (890169)link out ico
February 2005
MS05-012 : Vulnerability in OLE and COM Could Allow Remote Code Execution (873333)link out ico
October 2004
MS04-028 : Buffer Overrun in JPEG Processing (GDI+) Could Allow Code Execution (873374)link out ico
MS04-027 : Vulnerability in WordPerfect Converter Could Allow Code Execution (884933)link out ico

December 2003

Outlook 2003 Junk E-mail Filter Update: KB832333link out ico

November 2003

Office 2003 Critical Update: KB828041link out ico

Office Update

You should also go to the Office Product Update page for a full system scan that will tell you what you need and what you should download to keep your Office Suit up-to-date.