Microsoft’s Surface Hub Is Here For the Long Haul

Surface Hub Hero

Earlier this year, I noted that Microsoft’s Surface Hub was a hit; the company was selling them faster than they were being produced and today, Microsoft has announced new figures to back up this claim. Additionally, Microsoft is ramping up production (finally) to help fill its channel with more devices.

The Surface Hub, while not cheap for the consumer, is proving to be a bargain for the enterprise. Microsoft released a few figures today that show, not only are companies buying the device, but they are buying them in bulk.

The average order size is approximately 50 units (Microsoft doesn’t say if this is for the 55” or 84” models) and that one auto manufacturer ordered 1500 devices. Seeing as they can’t keep these things in stock, they are increasing production of the product to help fill its channels worldwide; Microsoft is also adding more partners to its reseller program too.

Additionally, for customers who are interested in the device but are not ready to commit, Microsoft is now offering a try-and-buy program that will let a company use a device for 30 days before purchasing. This further cements the confidence that Microsoft has in the product, they know once an organization tries out the device, they will likely end up buying one (or fifty).

It’s clear that Microsoft’s Surface Hub is a hit and is here to stay . The company’s product is selling so well that Google is trying to get into this segment with their own Jamboard but besides the two products having similar ambitions, they differ dramatically in how they operate.

While Microsoft has not given us a specific number of units sold (and they likely never will), one thing has become clear, Surface Hub is quickly becoming the center of the meeting/conference room. Despite early feedback saying the price was too expensive, $8,999 for the 55in and $21,999 for the 84in, the value has been proven when compared to similar products which means Microsoft has another hit on its hands.