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Microsoft's Edge Browser is Crashing if Google is Your Search Engine

If you are using Microsoft’s new Edge browser and it keeps crashing, you are not alone. Twitter and many other social platforms started reporting the issue but thankfully Microsoft is aware.

The issue right now is that if you have Google set as the default engine and try to type in the search bar, the browser may crash. The problem is related to “Search Suggestions” and when that API is called, the browser crashing instantly.

I am seeing it on my dev and release channel builds of the browser. If you have been experiencing this issue, you can navigate to edge://settings/search and turn off the feature as a workaround.

While there is a workaround, this is a serious issue for Microsoft who has begun telling corporate customers to start using the browser. For technical users, this workaround is easy to enable, but for less technical users, they may assume that it is their install crashing and switch back to Chrome for stability.

Microsoft is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. Hopefully, they can deploy an update on the backend to resolve the issue and not require everyone to update their browser.

[Update] The issue has now been resolved but Microsoft has yet to explain the cause of the issue.

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    2 responses to “Microsoft’s Edge Browser is Crashing if Google is Your Search Engine”

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      I had been facing this issue as well.

      Hopefully, Microsoft will look into this problem and solve it as soon as possible.

      Removing the error regarding Google should be treated as a workaround.

      In fact, they should put more efforts into making Bing as competitive to Google as possible.

      If people start using Bing on Edge then Chrome would get a run for its money.

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