Microsoft Releases New Windows 365 Features for Enterprise Customers

Windows 365

Microsoft has released the July 2023 update for its Windows 365 Enterprise service. The company announced that the new Move Cloud PC feature is now generally available for commercial customers.

Microsoft first released the Move Cloud PC feature in public preview back in June. It enables administrators to move their Windows 365 Cloud PCs to a new region or Azure network connection (ANC).

“The best time to perform moves is over the weekend to make sure the impact to users is minimized. Cloud PC’s will be shutdown during the move process, so you should notify your users before the move so that they can save their work and sign-off. New Cloud PCs created by the edited provisioning policy are assigned to the new region or ANC,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft has introduced a new setting that lets users reprovision their own Cloud PCs. Once enabled, users in the assigned group will see a Reset option in the Windows 365 app and web portal. The feature will automatically delete all apps and user data stored on the Windows 365 Cloud PC.

Windows 365 web client adds camera support in preview

Microsoft released a new feature that allows Windows 365 Cloud PCs to access their physical device’s camera. This release makes it easier for users to participate in video calls and virtual meetings. As of this writing, camera support is available in public preview for the Windows 365 web client.

Last month, Microsoft rolled out a new Windows 365 Boot feature in public preview. This capability allows users to log directly into their Cloud PCs at start-up, without having to launch a separate application. Microsoft says that Windows 365 Boot should help to improve productivity for frontline workers and temporary employees.