Microsoft Lets IT Admins Move Windows 365 Cloud PCs to Another Region

Windows 365

Microsoft has released a new update for its Windows 365 Enterprise service. The company detailed a new feature that allows IT admins to move their Cloud PCs to a new region or Azure network connection (ANC).

“By editing a provisioning policy, you can move existing Cloud PCs from their current region or Azure network connection (ANC) to a new one,” Microsoft explained. “The best time to perform moves is over the weekend to make sure the impact to users is minimized. Cloud PC’s will be shutdown during the move process, so you should notify your users before the move so that they can save their work and sign-off.”

Microsoft notes that IT Pros will only be able to move up to 100 Cloud PCs at a time. The feature is currently available in preview for all enterprise customers.

Device management features

The Windows 365 Cloud PC service lets users share single or multiple restore points to an Azure Storage account. Customers can also use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Shortpath for private networks with Windows 365 Cloud PCs. The feature leverages the TCP connection to provide an alternate direct connection between the Windows 365 Cloud PC and the Remote Desktop client.

Windows 365 App Now Supports Dark Mode

Microsoft has also released some updates to enhance the new Windows 365 App. The company introduced support for dark mode. Users can choose between dark and light themes or let the app match the system settings. Moreover, it’s possible to change multiple monitor settings in the Windows 365 app.

Windows 365 adds new monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities

Lastly, Microsoft has added a new feature that notifies administrators when a Cloud PC enters the grace period. The company has also improved the Azure Network Connection setup process for Windows 365 Government customers. In case you missed it, Microsoft now encrypts new Windows 365 Cloud PCs at rest, and you can find more details in our previous post.