Microsoft Teams Updates App Gets New Collaboration Features, Onboarding Experience

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Updates app in Microsoft Teams has added a modern onboarding experience to simplify the creation of requests and submission of reports.
  • A new feature allows users to export all update submissions to an Excel file.
  • Microsoft Teams users can also engage in discussions, leave comments, and provide feedback.

Microsoft has released several new features and improvements for the Updates app in Microsoft Teams. This app provides a centralized hub to streamline the processes of creating, submitting, and reviewing updates. Additionally, it offers a convenient way to track check-ins and reports.

Microsoft has released a modern onboarding experience for the Updates app in Teams. “To help customers better understand the Updates app’s value and streamline the team reporting process, we have upgraded the product’s appearance and user experience. This makes it easier to convey the product’s value and applicable scenarios while simplifying the process of creating requests and submitting reports,” Microsoft explained.

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New design in a chat group

The Updates app is also getting a new feature that allows users to export all update submissions to an Excel file. It’s one of the top requested features that should make it easier for users to analyze, archive, and share data with their colleagues.

Updates app in Microsoft Teams adds summary view of received submissions

Microsoft has introduced a new feature that allows users to access a summary of content related to a specific topic. It’s also possible to customize the data statistics to highlight important content on the screen. This capability should help users track the status of submissions and detect any potential issues.

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Leave a comment in an update submission

The Updates app allows users to like content submitted by other employees in order to promote positive feedback. Moreover, Microsoft Teams users can leave comments or engage in discussions about specific content.

The new features are available in the chat, channel, and the Updates personal app experiences in Microsoft Teams. These capabilities are designed to improve team collaboration within enterprise environments.